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Representation Choirs

Adolf Fredrik Girls' choir

Adolf Fredrik Girls' Choir is one, out of two, profile choirs of Adolf Fredrik’s Music School in Stockholm, Sweden. Having gained a world-wide reputation it performs extensively at concerts and choir festivals and is often engaged at important official events, e.g. the 2010 Royal Wedding and by other numerous institutions and companies. The choir cherishes the world famous Swedish choir tradition, thus chosen to represent Sweden at various occasions.

The choir, founded in 1973 by Bo Johansson, has also appeared in radio and TV shows and many recordings. Much has been said about this unique girls’ choir who through its constant renewal evolves towards new goals. This is done with new voices each year – new choir members are handpicked when the nine graders are graduating from the school.

The international opinion of the choir is expressed through several prizes won in choral competitions all around the globe. In 2012 they won a prestigious prize for youth choirs, category of secular repertoire, at “Il Garda di Coro” in Malcesine, Italy.

The CD Fairy Day includes Charles Villiers Stanford world premiere recording of Fairy Day.


Adolf Fredrik Boys' choir

Adolf Fredrik's Boys Choir is characterized by great ambitions and works with a long-term and structured process where the goal is to become a nationally and internationally leading choir in their genre.

The Boys’ Choir has participated in the production of Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 3 and 8 with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, participated in Schumann: Faustszenen and Mahler's 3rd with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and worked with the Stockholm Wind Ensemble. The choir has also appeared in numerous Advent and Christmas concerts, such as at the Gustav Vasa church and in Stockholm Concert Hall. The Boys’ Choir sings frequently at conferences for businesses, jubilees and also has its own regular concert activities.

The choir was founded in 1965 by Jan-Ake Hillerud who was also a teacher at the same school. As of autumn 2009 the chorus is led by Pelle Olofson.