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During the course of one year, a class will normally participate in several different types of performances: joint concerts with two or three other choir groups, larger scale performances in which several choir groups participate, and in fact, in conjunction with the school’s annual Lucia concert in Ericsson Globe ( seats 13,000), the entire student body and all faculty participate. ( Interestingly enough, this concert is sold out to capacity audience three times each year.)

The faculty attempt to “mix” concerts whenever possible, i.e. to let younger classes share concerts with older classes. The type of repertoire varies as well. Students master a capella repertoire from various historical periods and national styles. During their younger years, they sing almost exclusively repertoire for equal voices (2-4 part). By the time they are in the 7th or 8th grades, they are beginning to perform SATB (soprano-alto-tenor-bass) repertoire. They regulely perform with instrumental ensembles of varying size, including symphony orchestra.

50 choral concerts every year

Adolf Fredrik together with Stockholm’s Musikgymnasium is one of Stockholm’s largest concertal institutes, organizing and performing at least 50 concerts every year. When the Royal Opera of Stockholm is in need of children’s choirs in such productions as Carmen, La Bohème and Tosca, it is students from Adolf Fredrik which participate. Larger choral productions such as Britten’s War Requiem, Verdi’s Requiem and Stravinsky’s Psalm Symphony are regular performed by students from Adolf Fredrik.

There are two select groups, above and beyond the normal music curriculum af the school, to which students may audition. The Adolf Fredrik’s Boys’ Choir and the Adolf Fredrik’s Girls’ Choir have met with great success both nationally and internationally.