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Music at AF

A music teacher is responsible for one or two choir groups during an academic year. One of the beauties of this system is that each class and choir group is allowed to develop from year to year, with essentially the same students and the same teacher. This provides a teacher the opportunity to follow and guide the development of each student, class and choir group, and to reap the musical benefits of his or her pedagogy.

The musical curriculum for the school is loosely structed. The ambition of each teacher is to foster and nurture choral singing. Each one of the 13 music teachers are devoted to certain guiding principles in their work to impact the aesthetics and skills of music, to develop in their students beautiful choral singing, to teach a healthy individual vocal technique, as well as important theoretical skills such as sight-singing and eartraining, and to imbue a good knowledge of choral repertoire. Certain lessons are devoted entirely to sight reading and eartraining, in which case a class of 30 can be divided into two groups.

"Music exists in all cultures and affects people physically as much as mentally and emotionally. Music as an aesthetic form of expression is used in a wide context, has different functions and means different things to each of us. It is also an important part in people's social community and may affect the development of an individual's identity. In our time, music from different cultures and eras coalesces with other art forms in new expressions. Knowledge and proficiency in music increases the opportunities to participate in society's cultural life."
from Lgr11, National Agency for Education, 2011

Choir as a method

For us at Adolf Fredrik's Music School song is the focus of the meeting between people. A collective musicianship obliterates differences such as: age, sex, religion, or ethnicity. Chorus can train individuals in loyalty, solidarity, and respect for each other. A humanitarian society rests on this thesis. Today's society is increasingly characterized by individualism. In this situation, choir is a unique phenomenon requiring cooperation. Music is a universal language.



There are a lot of opportunities to attend our concerts.