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About AF

One institution which is a significant proponent of choral singing and choral music in Sweden is the Adolf Fredrik's Music School (AF). It is a choir school for children and youths between the age of 10 and 16 years old. Adolf Fredrik (a secondary school) houses approximately 1,100 students between 4th and 9th grades.

Adolf Fredrik's Music School offers a normal theoretical education. The curriculum is similar to that of any public elementary and secondary school in Sweden. Above and beyond the normal curriculum, however, students receive between 5-7 hours of music and classroom singing each week. To compensate this extra load, some other requirements are decreased.

Adolf Fredrik's Music School was founded in 1939 with the intent of offering musical children in Stockholm the opportunity to sing in choir. One particular ambition at that time was to stimulate boys’ interest in singing. It was also important that the school be a public, not a private, school, to ensure that all children with talent could be accepted, regardless of financial standing or social class. This aspect of the school has remained unchanged, even though the school itself has grown significantly from its rather simple beginnings. In 1959, Stockholms Musikgymnasium (an upper secondary school) was founded as a natural continuation of Adolf Fredrik's Music School.

180/year are selected

Admission to Adolf Fredrik is based upon a singing audition. Each year, of the approximately 1,000 ten year olds which audition to Adolf Fredrik, only 180 are selected.
Adolf Fredrik comprised of a total of approximately 1,100 students, divided into 36 classes of 30 students. Normally, two classes join together to form a “choir group”, that is to say, a functioning choir, consisting 60 students. Other groupings may also occur, i.e. choirs of 30 or 90 students. The choir group becomes the basis of the organized music activity of the students. Read more about the addmission process here >>