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Let the future sing

Let the future sing, an international children and youth choral festival  of a very high quality.

The Festival is a platform in which singing is key in the meeting between people from different parts of the world.  We are aware that these musical meetings enhance knowledge and result in greater understanding of different cultures.

Music is a universal language – playing music collectively removes differences such as age, gender, religion and ethnicity and instead places fellowship and solidarity in focus.

The 2009 and 2012 festivals were a great experience and we can draw a lot of inspiration from them. In the spring of 2014 Adolf Fredrik's Music School  once again invited some of the world's leading children and youth choirs from the Philippines, Finland, Japan, Puerto Rico, Russia and Bulgaria. In total approximately 300 guest choir singers which together  with Adolf Fredrik's Music School  form a festival choir with 1,500 singers!



Filming with one of the visiting choirs at the 2012 Festival, Young People's Chorus of New York City, from one of the morning assemblies:

Some photos from the 2009 festival: