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Choirs and schedule 2009

Concerts were held in the concert hall Konserthuset, the church Filadelfiakyrkan and churches on Norrmalm. Here are choir presentations and a few recordings from the morning assemblies in the church Filadelfiakyrkan. Read the entire schedule in the schedule book.


Coro de Niños y Jóvenes Ars Nova, Argentina


In its 20 years of existence and always under the direction of Professor Ana Beatriz Fernandez de Briones, the choir enjoys high prestige both at national and international level, which shows in its innumerable presentations in Argentina, and no less than13 international concert tours. The choir gave 170 concerts in the most important cities and stages of America, Europe, Africa and Asia. It won distinctions and prizes in International competitions, and participated as Invited Choir in events of world-wide relevance. The specialized critic recognizes Coro de Niños y Jóvenes Ars Nova as one of the more prestigious children and youth choirs on a world-wide level, emphasizing the elevated variation of its vocal and vocal technique, and the high academic level of its repertoire.

Ana Beatriz Fernández de Briones
She is a member of the International Federation for Choral Music. She is often invited to lead workshops for choir conductors, and is also the author of many articles about choral work with children and youth, some of which have been published in English, Chinese, German and French. She received many local and international distinctions, in acknowledgement of her career as a conductor and as a woman devoted to culture and she is now considered a specialist in the matter. In 2008, she was included in the book guides recently published in Germany: ‘Who is Who’, as one of the foremost personalities of the choral world.


Estonian Television Girls´ Choir, Estland


In 1997 Aarne Saluveer and Eve Viilup established the non-profit institution Lasteekraan Music Studio, and gained a licence for choir school the same year. The cast comprises 30 girls of 15 to 21 years of age. The programme includes spiritual and secular music of different ages, folk music with dance effects and modern performances of pop music and jazz. Their numerous contest victories prove their internationally high professional level.

The Estonian TV Girls’ Choir has collaborated with Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis and other well known contemporary composers, appeared at a number of international conferences and symposiums and participated in the City of Tallinn programme of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2002.

Aarne Saluveer

Aarne Saluveer (1959-) graduated from the Estonian Music Academy (choral conducting and music pedagogy) in 1982 and has since furthered his studies at diverse courses in Estonia and abroad. He is currently one of the most active figures on the Estonian and international choral music scene as conductor and educator. Since 2000, he has been the President of Estonian Choral Association and a board member of European Federation of Young Choirs Europa Cantat, and since 2005 also of the Board of Estonian Music Council. He is Artistic Director/ Founder of The Estonian TV Girls’ Choir, holds the posts of Principal at Tallinn G.Ots Music College and lecturer at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.

Since 1993 Aarne Saluveer has conducted children’s and toddler’s choirs at Estonian Song Celebrations, and was Artistic Director of X Youth Song Celebration Ilmapuu (2007): open air concert uniting a joint choir of 20 000 singers, symphony orchestras, wind orchestras and 100 000 auditors. He has written and arranged music for diverse pop music projects and performed as an instrumentalist and vocalist, Eurovision Song Contests and international broadcasts included.

Aarne Saluveer is the founder of Children’s Screen Music Studio/Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio Children’s Choir and Estonian TV Girls’ Choir.



Hamilton Children’s Choir, Kanada


Celebrating over 30 years of choral singing, the Hamilton Children’s Choir consists of approximately 150 young singers between the ages of 5 and 25 years who have a passion for music and enjoy the magical experience of singing and performing in one or more of our choral groups. Under the guidance and leadership of our world-renowned choral director and our gifted artistic staff, the Hamilton Children’s Choir program offers an opportunity for young singers in the greater city of Hamilton and surrounding areas to experience musical excellence through high quality vocal instruction and musical training in a challenging, yet positive and enjoyable environment.

Performing is a fundamental part of the choir’s program and sharing our gift of song is a joy for our young performers. Traditionally, the HCC organizes and performs two concerts for the local community, a Holiday and Spring Concert. As well, we accept invitations to participate in prestigious musical events, locally, nationally and internationally. Touring is one of the highlights of the HCC program, locally, nationally and internationally and is mainly done by the HCC Chamber Choir. The Hamilton Children’s Choir is an exciting and stimulating choral program that has enriched the lives of many talented youth over the years.

Zemfira Poloz Artistic Director

Ms. Poloz is a highly respected conductor, educator and adjudicator with a distinguished international reputation. To date she has been awarded the Honoured Representative of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Award, the city of Hamilton’s V.I.P. Award, and most recently, the Leslie Bell Prize Award for Choral Conducting Excellence from the Ontario Art Council. She is invited regularly to serve as clinician for festivals, lead workshops for educators, and jury International Choir Competitions, including the renowned Choir Olympics. Zemfira first established her musical credentials in Kazakhstan, founding the country’s first Choir School. The school provided an outstanding music program that grew to employ 35 music teachers with an enrolment of 450 children. In addition to her duties as Principal of the school, she also served as Artistic Director and Conductor of the school’s Concert Choir, ”Koktem”. It is through Mrs. Poloz’s strong leadership, vision and musical expertise that ”Koktem” attained top international choral status and was a recurring prize-winner in choral competitions and festivals around the world.



The China Broadcasting Children’s Chorus, Kina


The China Broadcasting Children’s Chorus, founded in 1951 by China National Radio, established the children’s chorus, as well as the first outstanding children’s performing group in P. R. China. The singers of the choir are musically gifted students from different schools all over Beijing. They spend their spare time training and rehearsing. There have been more than 10,000 people who had their earliest music education and training here, and some of them have later become professionals or celebrated artistes. There are more than 80 members in the choir at present, aged from 7 to 20 years old.

Since its inception, the choir has premiered and recorded thousands of children’s songs for radio and TV, including Chinese traditional songs and worldwide famous songs, many of which have been widely spread all over China and had great impacts on generations. The choir has also enjoyed collaborations with China’s renowned composers for productions of soundtracks for movies and television programmes. It has won applause from composers and audience and therefore helped enhance the effect and status of children’s choir in the field of music performing. The choir has a wide range of repertoire with rich content. Over the years, the choir has formed its characteristic style with brisk and lively singing, natural and melting voice, clear pronunciation and accordant harmony. The choir has been led by the acclaimed conductor Mr. Meng Dapeng since 1983.

Mr. Meng Dapeng

Mr. Meng Dapeng, People’s Republic of China, Grade 1 Conductor. After his graduation from Beijing Normal University Music Faculty in 1983, he became the permanent conductor of The China Broadcasting Children’s Chorus. In the past 25 years, the choir has kept its first-class standard and prestige, owing a lot to his professional and strict training. For the development of choral music in China, Mr. Meng has organized some important choral communication projects, including the National Children’s Choral Festival and China International Children’s Choral Festival. He regularly gives lectures in all parts of the country, spreading the knowledge of choral music and conducting skills. His published work ‘Training of Children’s Choir’ is popular among music teachers and other experts. Mr. Meng Dapeng is currently Chairman of the Children’s Chorus Committee of China and Vice Chairman of China Chorus Association.


Riga Dom Cathedral Boys´ Choir, Lettland

The choir was established in Latvia in 1950. It consists of very well musically educated treble singers and a professional male group. During the last 30 years, under the leadership of Janis Erenstreits, the boys of the Emils Darzins Music School gained international renown as angelic wonders, capable of producing musical miracles. In 1990, as Latvia approached the restoration of its national independence, the boys of the Emils Darzins School chose to follow a centuries old tradition by naming the choir in honour of Riga’s 800-year old Dom Cathedral. Since 1994 the boys have been a part of the Riga Dom Choir School. In 2001 the choir got the Great Music Award from the Latvian Ministry of Culture.

Martins Klishans

Born in Riga, November 30, 1967. Obtained his first professional music education in choir conducting at the Emils Darzins Music School. Continued his choir conducting studies at the Latvian Academy of Music under Prof. Imants Kokars. and at the Stuttgart Bach Academy under Prof. Bruce Abel. Martins Klishans is the chief conductor of the 9th Latvian School Youth Song Festival (2005) and of the 24th Latvian National Song Festival (2008). He is the artistic director and conductor of the mixed choir “Valmiera”. He was invited to conduct international choirs in the America Fest – World Festival of Singing for Boys and Men in Czech Republic in July, 2004. Martins Klishans is the principal conductor of the Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, and a music teacher at the Riga Dom Choir School. The last eighteen solo CD recordings of the Boys Choir are made under his conducting.



The Romanian Radio Children’s and Youth Choir, Rumänien

Founded in 1945, The Romanian Radio Children’s and Youth Choir is one of the oldest radio choirs in the world. Its activity includes over 50 artistic tours, numerous a capella and vocal – symphonic concerts, recordings, films and participations in internationals competitions and festivals. The Romanian Radio Children’s and Youth Choir is the place where many artistic careers begin their artistic life. In the last few years, through the projects it approached, the choir situated itself at the boarder of arts (music, theatre and dance). Music, movement, stage design, special lighting, jazz improvisations and exotic sounds, these are the elements the Romanian Radio Children’s and Youth Choir has brought to the stage.

Voicu Popescu

Graduate of the National Music University of Bucharest, he began his work dedicated to choral art as a member of the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal” led by Master Marin Constantin. Afterwards he collaborated with this ensemble as choir master and artistic director. In 1994 he founded the Sound Choir and The Cultural Foundation ‘Sound’, through which he organized choral festivals, symposiums and master classes in Romania and participated at many artistic events all over the country and abroad. With the Romanian Radio Children’s and Youth Choir he began collaborating in 1988 – as a secondary conductor, and from 2004 – as the lead conductor. Together with the choir he has made special recordings for the historical archives of the Radio, started new bold projects of music, movement and effects and participates during the musical season with vocal – symphonic and a capella programs. Over 50 artistic tours, international competitions and festivals have brought him the appreciation of music critics and numerous medals and awards. He is a member of The Choral Olympic Council, one of the organizers of the International Choral Olympics and president of the National Bureau of Choral Federation form the European Union. He has also written articles in specialty publications around the world, held choral master classes in Torino and was invited as a jury member to many national and international choral competitions.

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Vesna Children's Choir, Ryssland

Senior choir of the Children’s choir school Vesna, this choir began as an amateur circle, gradually developed into educational and creative institution with a unique system of organization, special atmosphere and great traditions, and in 2005 celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Vesna is completely financed by the state, which supports the school in all its creative aspirations. There are about 300 pupils, aged 5-15, who study at various secondary schools in the mornings, and come to Vesna for classes in the afternoon, where they are divided into five choirs by age, and also study singing, piano, music theory and music literature. There are also pupils who play the organ (Concert organ of German firm “A. Schucke” was set at school in 1995) and the recorder. The pedagogical staff consists of highly skilled specialists. Some of them have honorary titles, degrees and government awards, and almost half are themselves graduates of Vesna.

During the first several years of its existence “Vesna” changed premises temporarily but is at present housed in a unique building with excellent working conditions. There are two concert halls with 250 seats each, a chamber hall, specialized studies for the younger choirs, well-appointed classes for piano lessons, music literature and music theory lessons. The school is proud of its Historical Museum and Museum of musical instruments. The winter garden, pictures, sculptures, fountains and birds’ voices of the school’s nature corner give a special cosiness and warmth.

Alexander Ponomarev

Founder, Artistic Director and main conductor of Vesna Children’s Choir, and director of Vesna, he holds the title of Merited artist of Russia (1984) and is the winner of Premiums of Moscow in the field of literature and arts (1994). Ponomarev, born in 1938 into an officer’s family entered the army at 19, playing different instruments in the orchestra and working as a choir conductor. After serving, he devoted himself fully to music. In 1962 Ponomarev entered the Musical College of the Moscow conservatory, and graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Arts. In 1965 Ponomarev set up “Vesna” Children’s choir, which later developed into the choir school. He has been a member of various juries at Russian and international choral competitions, and has written methodical clauses, transpositions and arrangements for children’s choir.

Nadezda Averina

Born in Moscow in 1981, graduated from Vesna and later Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, the Conservatoire proper and its post-graduate course. In 1996 she was conferred the Art Candidate Degree. At present she works at Vesna as a chorus master of the Senior Choir and leader of the Candidates’ Choir, a solfeggio teacher. She also works at the Moscow Conservatoire as assistant professor.



Bloemfontein Children's Choir, Sydafrika

Founded by Huibrie Verster in 1987, this amateur choir consists of some 60 to 70 children between 8 and 17 years old. The choir has a national and international reputation and has broadcast on radio and television locally and abroad on various occasions. It has also worked with and performed under the baton of international conductors.

It was the first multi-racial children’s choir in South Africa. As a result, the choir was selected to participate in Stockholm in June 1997 in a unique International Children’s Choir Festival for Friendship, along with choirs from other war-torn countries – such as Ireland, Israel and Russia – and also at the “Day of the African Child”. Though singing is obviously very important to us, the choir offers its members much more than just a sharing and enjoyment of great music and voices. The choir is based on the premise that each and every person is special and deserving of love and respect. We strive to give our children not only a rich and diverse education in music but to educate and enrich them by means of cultural experiences and development of essential life skills.

Huibrie Verster

Huibrie Verster is the founder-director of the Bloemfontein Children’s Choir – with this choir she has taken part in numerous contests and festivals in South Africa as well as internationally, and has appeared in 1996 and again in 2002 as guest conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, USA. Huibrie is an active member of the choral scene in South Africa – as choir leader, clinician and adjudicator, and past President of the South African Choral Society. She has been a member of the American Choral Director’s Association (ACDA) for many years. She constantly strives to create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge by means of interaction with national and international choir leaders, arrangers and composers.



Pro Musica Girls’ Choir, Ungern

The Pro Musica Girls’ Choir has beenconsidered one of the leading choirs in the world since they won their first international competition in their foundation year. As international envoys of the success of the Kodaly music education method they are sought after not only as performers at the highest level but also as participants in music education conferences and master classes. The uplifting experience of choral life which the girls had as pupils at the Zoltán Kodály Music Specialist Primary School in Nyíregyháza and the enthusiasm for singing that they gained from this were the legacy which led to the founding of a choir for ’old pupils’ in 1986. The choir’s repertoire is rich and varied - extending from the Renaissance to contemporary choral music. It includes leading Renaissance and Romantic period works, works of Bartók and Kodály and the works of contemporary Hungarian composers as well as folk music arrangements from Hungary and other countries. The choir has premiered many works and also performs pieces intended for entertainment.

Dénes Szabó

Dénes Szabó (1947) is an outstanding figure in Hungarian and international choral life. He studied music in Szeged, Miskolc and Budapest. He founded the Cantemus Children’s Choir in Nyíregyháza in 1974, which has since grown into a choral institute and began to operate as an independent artistic organisation under his direction in 2003 with three choirs - the Cantemus Children’s Choir, the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir and the Cantemus Mixed Voice Choir. These choirs all perform at world-class standard. He is highly sought after as a choral conductor and lecturer in music education at international festivals, master classes and conferences. He has also been a member of the judging panels at several leading international choir competitions. In appreciation of his artistic achievements he was awarded the Ferenc Liszt-prize in 1985, the Béla Bartók-Ditta Pásztory Prize in 1985, the Kossuth Prize in 2000 and the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Prize in 2004.


The Stockholm ´s Musikgymnasium Chamber Choir, Sverige

The different choirs of Stockholms Musikgymnasium (Upper Secondary School of Music) play a prominent part in the musical life of Stockholm and are involved in projects with production companies, “Rikskonserter” and the Swedish Radio. They have given concerts at Stockholm´s tri-annual New Music Festival. International contacts have resulted in concert tours to among other places Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Finland and Estonia.

From its start in 1959, Stockholms Musikgymnasium was an integrated part of the music classes of the Adolf Fredrik School for many years. In 1984, however, Stockholms Musikgymnasium music classes were relocated to the since then beautifully renovated jugend style school of 1902 on Kungsholmen. The Chamber choir was founded in 1989, by Gary Graden, then music teacher at the school, in order to offer the students extended experiences in choral singing as a complement to the regular choral education. It has, since then, gained a widespread reputation and has won several international competitions, for instance Neumünster in Germany (1990), Tours in France (1991) and Riva del Garda in Italy (1992). Another highlight in the choir´s history was the invitation to the IFCM (International Federation of Choral Music) Symposium in Ljubljana in 1995, where the Chamber choir represented Sweden. In 1997 Stockholms Musikgymnasium Chamber Choir was invited to the Vatican´s yearly Christmas Concert. It was shown on TV in several countries and seen by millions of people! Since the singers study Humanities or Natural Sciences during only three years at the Stockholm´s Musikgymnasium, the choir changes 10-12 of the in all 36 members every year. In 2002, the conductor Gary Graden retired from the choir after twelve years of loyal duty.

Helene Stureborg,

Conductor and music teacher at the school since 1990, Stureborg replaced Graden, and hopes to continue his successful work with this talented choir. Since her start, the choir has produced a CD, has been successful in the choir competition in Tours, performed in Usedomer Musikfestival, made several tours to Berlin and given a lot of concerts. The repertoire shows a wide range of styles and epochs. Bach: Singet dem Herrn, Mahler: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen and Martin: Mass for double-choir are some titles performed during the last years.

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