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When can I begin studies at Adolf Fredrik's Music School?

The music classes are for school years 4-9. At Adolf Fredrik's Music School, we have six parallel classes, which means that every year we take in 180 new children to year 4. For years 5-9, we only take students subject to availability. This means that there will be few seats or possibly none at all for years 5-9.

How and when do I register?

During the fall semester of the year the student is in year 3 one can start the admission test process through registering here. Registration is open from September until November each year. (The exact dates are published on our Swedish website.) Through e-mail you will then be called for a test that will take place during the first two moths the following year.

When do I get information?

Notifications of admissions to students are done via the Stockholm City system "Söka skola". 

The test

Click on Admission test in the column to the right to get detailed information about the test.