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2012 Let the future sing

When the Festival ended in 2009, there were already thoughts of repeating the success of the 2009 Let the future sing.  Making a lot of new friends from so many parts of the world and singing together is fantastic!

When planning for the 2012 festival commenced, some adjustments were made to the structure from 2009. The purpose of the 2009 Festival was to develop the choral profile at the School through contact and exchange between youth choirs from all corners of the globe and Adolf Fredrik's Music School. Furthermore, the aim of the Festival was also to promote understanding of each other through contact with choirs from across the globe. Initially in the work on the 2012 Festival we sought to strengthen the opportunity for students to gain personal contact with our guests. Instead of nine participating choirs, six choirs were now invited to match the six teams of the School. Each team now became a host for one choir each.

The students of the team were now assigned the responsibility of welcoming and lodging the guests and introducing the guests to their daily schooling.   We thereby further strengthened the social intention of the Festival in 2012!

The 2012 Festival was much more geographically collected than 2009. Now evening concerts were performed in the church Filadelfiakyrkan by S:t Eriksplan and the concert hall Konserthuset by Hötorget. Lunch concerts with our guest choirs were held in the churches on Norrmalm with both our students and those of neighbouring schools as the audience. The entire festival was conducted in the city centre. This also strengthened the social ties between students at AF and the members of the guest choirs as practically no time was spent travelling.

The participating choirs which are presented in more detail through the link on the right were:

The Cantemus Children’s Choir (Hungary)
Ellerhein Children’s Choir of Tallinn’s Activity School KULLO (Estonia)
Guangdong experimental Middle School Choir (China)
Little Singers of Armenia (Armenia)
Toronto Children’s Chorus (Canada)
Young People’s Chorus of New York City™ (USA)
Adolf Fredriks gosskör (Sweden)
Adolf Fredriks flickkör (Sweden)
18 klasskörer från Adolf Fredriks musikklasser (Sweden)