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The biggest challenge a school can have is to ensure that all students receive the necessary training in order to make important life choices in the future. At Adolf Fredrik's Music School, it means that we must provide students with the tools to acquire and develop their abilities as far as possible. An important tool for us is music. To actively participate in a musical experience, as practitioners or the audience, strengthens a child’s ability to communicate and familiarize themselves with other people's situations and also to strengthen their sense of  personal identity*.


At our school we are convinced that these skills are important elements for achieving a higher level of knowledge!

Adolf Fredrik's Music Schools
holistic approach to create meaning

It is important to realize that the work you do is meaningful. It adds value to the individual that can sometimes motivate the individual to achieve great things! At Adolf Fredrik's Music School, we build our activities around the idea of holistic meaning creation. This holistic approach is based on three concepts:

Co-creation - both staff and pupils should feel that they can participate in shaping their everyday lives by having the opportunity to influence their surroundings and make their views known.

Motivation from within - the strongest motivation we as humans can have is the one that comes from within. Our mission is to create an environment that encourages the internal motivation of both students and staff.

Dialogue - by communicating with each other in an open and honest way, we create opportunities for influence from all staff and students.


* Source: Stockholms Stads kulturplan 2011, "Kultur i ögonhöjd" - City of Stockholm Cultural Plan 2011, "Culture at eye level"


There are a lot of opportunities to attend our concerts.